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Sustainable hosting that helps the planet thrive.

Hostonic is on track to operating on 100% renewable energy from sustainable sources.

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We plant trees with Ecologi

🌳 We love planting.

Every time you or someone buys a product from Hostonic, we plant a tree in your honour! We also plant 40 trees per month as a company, with assistance from our partners.

⚡Turning lights green.

We use Supergreen Octopus by Octopus Energy, which delivers 100% renewable energy in the UK.

🌿A green way of thinking.

With our partners such as Ecologi, treeapp and 1t.org, we're together, paving the way in creating cleaner energy and rebuilding nature.

💚A green workforce

Hostonic Hosting is proud to announce its partnership with Ecologi for Green Employees. As part of this collaboration, we enroll every team member into an Ecologi subscription, enabling them to plant 20 trees per month.
Additionally, as a business, Hostonic plants 40 trees per month, further contributing to our commitment to a greener future.

🍃Eco-Friendly hosting.

By the end of 2023, Hostonic Hosting aims to provide 100% eco-friendly hosting services. Our dedicated efforts and sustainable practices are driving us towards achieving this goal. We are committed to minimising our environmental footprint and ensuring that our hosting services contribute positively to the preservation of our planet.

🎋Net-zero commissions.

Hostonic Hosting is wholeheartedly committed to supporting the UK Government's net-zero ambitions by 2050. We recognise the urgency and significance of addressing climate change, and as such, we have pledged to actively contribute to the net-zero commissions set by the government. Through a comprehensive approach that includes investing in renewable energy sources, optimising energy efficiency, and implementing sustainable business practices, we are dedicated to reducing our carbon emissions and playing our part in achieving a carbon-neutral future for the UK.

Lower Hampen, Cheltenham, UK.

Supporting Local Communities

Hostonic Hosting actively supports ProtectEarth in partnership with Ecologi, making a tangible impact through tree planting efforts in Lower Hampen, Cheltenham, UK.

Through our collaboration, we enroll each team member in an Ecologi subscription, ensuring the planting of 20 trees per month. These trees contribute to reforestation efforts in Lower Hampen, helping to restore and protect the local environment.

As a responsible business, Hostonic Hosting is dedicated to environmental conservation and is proud to contribute to the growth and preservation of forests in the Cheltenham area through our partnership with Ecologi and the ProtectEarth initiative.

Acción Andina, Argentina.

30K Andean trees planted by 2030.

Acción Andina is a Latin-American led, forest landscape restoration initiative aiming to protect and restore one million hectares of high Andean, native forest ecosystems in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela over the next 25 years for their critical contribution to long-term climate resilience, their importance for water, land and food security for local and indigenous communities, as well as biodiversity habitat for a range of keystone and threatened species.

Global Forest Generation, the lead strategic partner for Accion Andina, pledges to conserve and restore at least 100,000 ha in the high Andes, including by growing more than 30 million trees from 2020- 2030. Through our pledge we will be planting 20 million trees in existing forests, planting 5 million trees through afforestation, and growing 5 million trees through natural regeneration.

More is Coming Soon.

We are currently making some changes to this page and getting ready to announce some more exciting partnerships.

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